Victim of a traffic accident, private accident, assault, medical error or therapeutic contingency, or any other event that has caused you harm, whether you are directly concerned or you are close to the victim …

The JLS AVOCATS law firm, with its experience and know-how in this field, advises, assists and effectively defends victims of personal injuries in order to ensure optimal compensation for their entire damage.

Compensation may cover many expenses, such as the medical and assistance expenses of a third person on a daily basis, the modifications in the layout of your house and / or your car adapted to your disability, academic or professional damage, aesthetic damage, suffering endured both physical and psychologically … the moral and economic damage resulting from the loss of a loved one …

Using an experienced lawyer in the field of victim compensation and physical injury allows you to choose the most effective strategy to make your voice heard and to ensure your best interests and maximize your damages , whether in the context of an amicable or legal settlement plan as a result of your prejudice.

Our law firm in Antibes

The right of victims is closely linked to the law of civil liability … JLS AVOCATS law firm offers you all its legal and procedural expertise.

Beyond its competence and experience in this field, the law firm accompanies you in every step you have to face. To ensure optimal support, JLS AVOCATS law firm has surrounded itself over the years with a number of professionals, including doctors with legal diploma of legal compensation for personal injury, who assist you effectively in the evaluation of the latter, but also of ergo therapist, medical specialists and surgeons, accountants ….

In the JLS AVOCATS law firm in ANTIBES, we strive for efficient and rational management of your legal matter in an amicable or judicial framework, where procedures are sometimes very complicated and complex.

Whether it is a law dispute with your insurer or with the wrongdoer of the prejudice, our team of lawyers will bring you the most appropriate solutions to ensure satisfaction in all regards.

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