Transfer of business funds

For the sale or purchase of a goodwill, it is necessary to call upon an experienced lawyer in commercial law. This legal discipline requires a particular technicality and imposes specific procedures.

The sale or purchase of a business

Goodwill is a collection of goods, whether movable or immovable, used in the course of a commercial activity. The transfer of a goodwill is the transmission of an economic activity from one natural or legal person to another.

The sale of goodwill is a complex procedure that requires the assistance and expertise of a legal professional. Do you want to hire a lawyer? Contact our law firm JLS AVOCATS.

The role of your lawyer

From contract negotiation to assignment, we recommend a lawyer accompany you. Your legal advisor will carry out the administrative formalities inherent in the sale of goodwill. Your lawyer will also help you understand the obligations of the seller and the buyer.

Our teams of lawyers in Antibes also intervene in case of disputes. Nullity of the act or disagreement on the sale price for example, we assist you to effectively resolve these disputes. Our mission? To help find common ground and a mutually beneficial outcome.

Whether for an assignment or an acquisition, your lawyer accompanies you and assists you in every legal process. Surrounding yourself with a lawyer expert in transferring business will ensure you legal certainty advantageous to develop your projects.

A doubt? A question? Whether you are a buyer or seller of a goodwill, contact our team of lawyers in Antibes to prepare your project peacefully!

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