SELARL JLS LAWYERS, represented by Mr Jean-Louis SAVES, joined the bar in TOULON has its headquartered located – 153, avenue Maréchal Foch 83000 TOULON.
SIREN number is :                                820 571 438.
VAT number is :                                    FR 20 820571438
Telephone numbers :                           04 83 89 72 27
                                                           04 94 91 86 46
E-mail address :
Website :        

Having his secondary office located in – 2203 chemin Sainte Claude / LE Chorus A, 06600 ANTIBES,
Telephone numbers :     04 93 65 99 90
                                       04 93 65 89 04
E-mail address :
Website :        

SELARL JLS LAWYERS, represented by Mr Jean-Louis SAVES, is subject to compliance with the professional rules laid down by the laws and regulations governing the practice of law, including the Law of 27 November 1991, the decrees of 27 November 1991 and 12 July 2005, the decree of July 05, 1996 in the CARPA, the RIN enacted by the National Bar Council and the Rules of Procedure of the Bar of TOULON.

SELARL JLS LAWYERS, represented by Mr Jean-Louis SAVES, has insurance applicable to all his professional activities authorized, subscribed to its benefit by the TOULON bar through the bars of brokerage company, 47 bis, boulevard Carnot 13100 AIX EN PROVENCE, and guaranteeing its professional liability as well as the representation of the funds entrusted to him.

Act No. 2015-990 06 August 2015 for growth, activity, and equality of economic opportunity now, reforming the law No. 71 – 1130 of 31 December 1971, that except in an emergency or force majeure or when intervening in respect of legal aid total or part 3 of the Act No. 91-647 of 10 July 1991 on legal aid Counsel concludes in writing with the customer a fee agreement, which sets out the amount or the method of determination of fees covering predictable stagecoaches so that costs and expenses considered.

The amount of the fees SELARL JLS LAWYERS, represented by Mr Jean-Louis SAVES, as part of its amicable or judicial intervention, can be flat, hourly rate and an additional result fee where the difficulty of the case or the financial stakes warrant. Oral consultation fee is fixed at the sum of 160 HT or €192 TTC. The fee for a written opinion is established by convention.

The hourly rate of the SELARL JLS LAWYERS, represented by Mr Jean-Louis SAVES, is set for the year 2019 the sum of 300 HT is 360 TTC and the sum of 120 HT is 144 for the services carried out by employees, said amounts lawyers being revised full every year according to inflation and professional uses. Any dispute relating to the amount of the fees of the lawyer and the fee agreement, shall be submitted in the first instance to the discretion of the President of the order of lawyers of TOULON – home of lawyer 13, Berrier fountain CS 20508 83041 TOULON CEDEX 9 Street, by means of a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt or against a receipt, in application of articles 174 to 176 of the Decree No. 91-1197 27 1991.

" L'oiseau qui chante " 3 Boulevard du Général Vautrin


Phone : +33 (0) 4 93 65 99 90

Faxaaa: +33 (0) 4 93 65 89 04