Obtain compensation in line with the importance of the damage suffered

Obtain compensation in line with the importance of the damage suffered

Victim of a car accident, a domestic accident, an accident at work, an assault, an attack, a medical error …

No one is immune to misfortune, whether in a private or professional setting.

Our law firm JLS AVOCATS in Antibes and its team, has acquired a complementary expertise to support its clients, victims of personal injury, moral and financial damage, in the defense of their interests.

To defend yourself before the competent courts or in the framework of the amicable agreement

It is very difficult for a victim, alone and traumatized, without the help of an experienced lawyer, to assert his rights and to optimize his various positions of prejudice, whether before a Tribunal or against an insurer in an amicable framework.

Concretely, when you are, for example, victim of an accident, the purpose of the JLS AVOCATS law firm, is to assist you and to obtain a full compensation for all your damages, whether physical, moral, material and / or financial. Full indemnity must compensate all damages suffered by the victim and cannot be limited to an indicative damage scale.

With the help of doctors accustomed to physical injury repair as well as accountants, our law firm JLS AVOCATS, with experience in personal compensation and repair cases, establishes the defense strategy to help you to obtain full and complete compensation.

Entrusting your file to the JLS AVOCATS law firm in Antibes means allowing you to improve the compensation offered by your insurer or that of the third party responsible, taking into account all aspects of your situation: professional, private, family, financial, your physical or psychological sequelae.

Obtain compensation in line with the importance of the damage suffered

Using a competent lawyer to compensate for personal injuries to obtain compensation is a guarantee of a better future and a more serene convalescence.

A full and complete reparation of the damages must take into account all the positions of prejudice of the victim and / or his relatives, such as the physiological and / or psychological sequelae, but also the suffering endured, the aesthetic damage, loss of current or future professional income, professional incidences, prejudice of establishment, loss of chance, etc.

The process of redress and compensation is often long, sometimes very complex, depending on the case. Your lawyer is your contact person in order to make your voice heard both in the competent jurisdictions and in respect of the insurers. The JLS AVOCATS law firm in Antibes, accompanies you on the complex path of compensation, helps you to rebuild and resume the course of your life.

Amicable or judicial settlement, our Cabinet defends you and represents you in front of justice.

Real legal and moral support, the JLS AVOCATS law firm in Antibes provides you with the appropriate solutions that will enable you to face these events and obtain the right compensation.

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